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    The Second Term of Treasure Hunting Activity 2015-12-10
            Though the weather of Yuyao in December has no heavy snow, the cold under the rain could keep pace with the north of China. The sun did not dare go out by cold air, but it could not prevent the enthusiasm of Zettler staff to hug the nature. Zettler organized the second term of treasure hunting activity to strengthen the team spirit and team cohesion.
            Under the principles of green environmental protection, second treasure hunting started in the morning on December 5th, 72 teams need to read treasure hunting introduction carefully, and then hunting the gems according to the hints. There are 6 pavilions on the mountain, when you arrived Yangzhi, Ziling, and Shunshui pavilion, you must use gems to buy the Task Card, then to earn the gold coins. If your gems are too less to buy the task card, you need to pay more attention on grass, soil, tree, even trash can to find various gems. In the meanwhile, you must also keep an eye on Zettler Wechat Group.
            Many teams collected various gems along the way, then rush to the task pavilion to earn the gold coins. Task cards in each pavilion are limited, first come, first served, if you are late, you will miss the opportunities.
    Yangming pavilion is the place to identiy the authenticity of gems, and it is also the only pavilion where you could not use gems to get the gold coins in return. If your gem’s color is as the same as the one on the Zettler Wechat Group, you will get the corresponding number of gold coins.
            It is said that gambling can make great fortune overnight also can lose everything. Huashou pavilion is the most challenging place on the moutain. If win, double gold coins, if lose, all gold coins confiscated. Some teams bet their all gold coins but lose all in a flash. Of course, some teams are cleverer than others, sucessfully completed the tasks one by one, and accumulated a good deal of gold coins. Finally, the top eight teams have got the cash rewards and prizes according to the number of gold coins and time.
            This activity is a fight between physical power an mental power. Players have insisted the spirit of teamwork, and have experienced the obstacles and brainstorming in the process of climbing. Everyone have showed that Zettler  is a unity, hard working and high quality team. It is really a good chance to enhance team cohesion and to promote the communication between each other. Enjoying the beautifull scenery, facing the mountain breeze, cheerful voices and precious memory floated into everyone’s heart, and let this winter not cold any more.
    Exploring the buddhist holy land6 days sightseeing in Thailand 2015-11-3
            The thick tropical rainforest, full-bodied austral style, gentle and graceful girls, and commanding strong man on the elephant, this is a perfect land that full of gold and green——Thailand, the mysterious country which attractived our staff to explore.
            With a expectation of this sacred land, Zettler sightseeing group visited The Royal Palace, The Jade Buddha Temple, and Vimanmek Mansion Palace etc. Transvestite show charming enchanting, and then they visited the mother river of Thailand——Menam River and tasted delicous food on the Luxury liner.
    Then to the romantice Koh Lan, the island was covered with jungles coconut trees, here was full of soft sands, cerulean seawater. Enjoying the Thai SPA to cheerful your body and mind when you tired in the seaside. As night falls, the lights were blazing here, it is a paradise for men. This trip everyone also tasted all kinds of tropical fruits in Thailand, and enjoyed KINGPOWER’s international buffet.
            Company organized annual travel for senior staff aims to let them relax mind, cultivate team spirit, and then at a higher enthusiasm and vigor to work better. In the meanwhile, it is a good chance to afirm and praise their work performance, thanks for their immortal contributions to the development of Zettler Company.
    Bright Moon • Deep Homesickness • Mid-autumn Celebration 2015-9-18
          Under the same moonlights, we have diferent mid-autumn festival culture around diferent cities. Playing dice to win the “mooncake”, which is the most distinctive mid-autumn culture apart from other enterprises. This game is not as its name, it is the game to win various awards and lucky, as it were the annual feast in Zettler. people who comes from other cities would be attractived by this activities with strong festival color.
          "The mid-autumn fire" was lighted at the night in September 23th,everyone itched to win more awards at this night. Six bright dice jumped joyfully, some people looked forward the lucky number, some people cheering and laughing, that kind of happiness is always warmth and nice. Undoubtedly, it is the game that no one would like to end it.
          Compared with original awards, now our awards rich up gradually, towel, shower gel, olive oil, and other daily articles instead of mooncakes. Many people will win too many toothbrushs or soaps to use up. Absolutely,the pleasure of this game is not the price of prizes, shareing the precious moment is our best treasure prize.
    The 7th Zettler Karaoke Game-----Follow with music 2015-7-22
            In June 29th, adhering the principles of openness, fairness and justice, we successfully held our own karaoke game -“The voice of Zettler”, which under the witness of all staff.
    We invited representatives from each department as the judge in this game, which including the award-winning players from previous years that injecting more vitality to this performance. There were 21 players standing out in the preliminary contest, they were almost from first production lines. Songs included folk style, bel canto, popular music style and rock that made the live performance like a carnival party. Tonight is no mincement, just only full of natural, passion and true feelings.
    Judges gave score through their singing skill, sounds, and appearance. After two hours perfoemance from every players, the one who from Sales Department won the Top Singer with a song named Pray Another Five Hundred Years to live.
           The game show "passion, sunshine, aggressive, and harmony" atmosphere that reflected our staff’s great ability and artistic talent. In the meanwhile, the game inspired their working enthusiasm and master consciousness, enhanced their spirit communication, and established their confidence and determination for developing with company.
    Outdoor Quality Development in Dayan 2015-5-21
    As a piece of iron, it can be melted, also it can be tempered into steel, same as a team, it can be mediocre, also it can be successful. An outstanding team, has always keep a positive spirit of self-confidence and upward. But hidden dangers also exists in the best team, just like our bodies, no matter how strong body, should do exercises ( team building ), and do regular checking ( trainings ). Quality development is not to solve problems in our team, but it is a good way to find problems. In the morning of May 10th , we organized an outdoor quality development activity in Dayan Town, it is aims to enhance staff’s volition, and to strengthen team cohesion and centripetal force.
    Firstly, divided all persons into four groups under the guidance of the coach, there was a great competiton among the four groups. The strength of the four groups are equal, each has his strong point. the score was high or low is not important for us, whether we have gained  anything or felt anything that was the most important things in this activity. Thinking about previous work style and behaviors brings what barriers to you, fuzzy communication between superior and subordinate brings what influence to you.
    Each team realized their advantages and disadvantages through this outdoor development, at the same time also felt the importance of cooperation and communication. While thanks the nature brings us green hills and clear waters under the intense work pressure, let us enjoy this moment of quiet and comfortable, and face the future challenges with a more optimistic attitude.
    Sunshine Farm in Lubu Town 2015-5-11
    Where is the natural flavor? Come on! The family of Line-winding department will take you into the sunshine farm, the feeling just like opening a natural refrigerator, at ease like back to the beauty village in dream. It is a green and ecological travel, and it is a trip to savor with taste buds. You can experience farmer’s life in this wonderful farm, you can experience pastoral barbecue passion, you can lie in the white beach chair, and you can go fishing in fresh garden, or making a piece of soap to experience the charm of hand made.
    Big Yu Yao city, I want to see more about it 2015-5-11
    April is a good time to go out for a spring outing, and spring outing in former years that was organized by company, this year every department has their own way to enjoy such fine season. This special form will inspire their innovation consciousness, and enhance team cohesiveness and belonging sense, in the meanwhile, and pull out of fast working envirnment, have a good chance to close the nature.
    Cherry Garden in Lianglong Town 2015-5-11
    Waves of spring breeze made the cherry red and mature, now it is a good time to pick cherry. Speaking of Yuyao cherry, the most famous cherry grow in Lianglong Town, and cherry’s picking cycle is very short, How can producing department 1’s foodies give up this golden chance to taste such delicious fruit. Standing on the grass, Breathing the fresh air on the mountain, and surrounded by the red cherry trees, cherry trees are not high, you can easily pick the cherry and put it in the mouth, what a wonderful tasting!
    Agriculture Park in Cixi 2015-5-11
    Producing department 2’s brothers and sisters took us to explore a beautiful place deep in the mountain, it is as interesting as farm. When you walking in the park, you can smell the bamboo’s fragrance everywhere. Most houses and buildings were made of the bamboo in this park. The play grograms were also distinctive and funny here, a big mesh grid attracted everyone’s sights, it is easy to climb on, and it is hard to climb down. "Bamboo forest" adventure, also won't let you down.
    Recreational Grange in Moushan Lake 2015-5-11
    Mentioned Moushan Lake, the word you first thought must Hairy Crab. Of course Hairy Crab is not the only feature in Moushan Lake, Producing department 3’ guys went to the Huaxin Recreational Grange in Moushan Lake, where was surrouded by natural lake and beautiful landscape. Honest people here, the natural scenery beautiful, the air is fresh, the river is clear, the traffic is convenient, it is a good place for leisure tourism.
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