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     Description: Back
    Dimensions(mm): 19x15.5x15mm
    Feature: 15A switching capability
    Extremely low cost
    Subminiature, standard PCB layout
    Wash tight and flux proofed types available
    RoHS compliant
    Contact data
    Contact arrangement: 1A, 1C
    Contact material: AgSnO2, AgCdO
    Max. switching voltage: 277VAC/30VDC
    Max. switching power: 2770VA/210W
    Contact rating (Res. Load): 10A 277VAC
    Coil data
    Nominal voltage VDC: 5--48VDC
    Coil power: 0.36W(48VDC:0.51W)
    Initial insulation resistance: 100MΩ
    Dielectric strength (between coil and contacts): 1500VAC
    Mechanical life (ops): 1x107
    Electrical life (ops): 1x105
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