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    Outdoor Quality Development in Dayan
    As a piece of iron, it can be melted, also it can be tempered into steel, same as a team, it can be mediocre, also it can be successful. An outstanding team, has always keep a positive spirit of self-confidence and upward. But hidden dangers also exists in the best team, just like our bodies, no matter how strong body, should do exercises ( team building ), and do regular checking ( trainings ). Quality development is not to solve problems in our team, but it is a good way to find problems. In the morning of May 10th , we organized an outdoor quality development activity in Dayan Town, it is aims to enhance staff’s volition, and to strengthen team cohesion and centripetal force.
    Firstly, divided all persons into four groups under the guidance of the coach, there was a great competiton among the four groups. The strength of the four groups are equal, each has his strong point. the score was high or low is not important for us, whether we have gained  anything or felt anything that was the most important things in this activity. Thinking about previous work style and behaviors brings what barriers to you, fuzzy communication between superior and subordinate brings what influence to you.
    Each team realized their advantages and disadvantages through this outdoor development, at the same time also felt the importance of cooperation and communication. While thanks the nature brings us green hills and clear waters under the intense work pressure, let us enjoy this moment of quiet and comfortable, and face the future challenges with a more optimistic attitude.
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