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    Bright Moon • Deep Homesickness • Mid-autumn Celebration
          Under the same moonlights, we have diferent mid-autumn festival culture around diferent cities. Playing dice to win the “mooncake”, which is the most distinctive mid-autumn culture apart from other enterprises. This game is not as its name, it is the game to win various awards and lucky, as it were the annual feast in Zettler. people who comes from other cities would be attractived by this activities with strong festival color.
          "The mid-autumn fire" was lighted at the night in September 23th,everyone itched to win more awards at this night. Six bright dice jumped joyfully, some people looked forward the lucky number, some people cheering and laughing, that kind of happiness is always warmth and nice. Undoubtedly, it is the game that no one would like to end it.
          Compared with original awards, now our awards rich up gradually, towel, shower gel, olive oil, and other daily articles instead of mooncakes. Many people will win too many toothbrushs or soaps to use up. Absolutely,the pleasure of this game is not the price of prizes, shareing the precious moment is our best treasure prize.
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