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    Exploring the buddhist holy land6 days sightseeing in Thailand
            The thick tropical rainforest, full-bodied austral style, gentle and graceful girls, and commanding strong man on the elephant, this is a perfect land that full of gold and green——Thailand, the mysterious country which attractived our staff to explore.
            With a expectation of this sacred land, Zettler sightseeing group visited The Royal Palace, The Jade Buddha Temple, and Vimanmek Mansion Palace etc. Transvestite show charming enchanting, and then they visited the mother river of Thailand——Menam River and tasted delicous food on the Luxury liner.
    Then to the romantice Koh Lan, the island was covered with jungles coconut trees, here was full of soft sands, cerulean seawater. Enjoying the Thai SPA to cheerful your body and mind when you tired in the seaside. As night falls, the lights were blazing here, it is a paradise for men. This trip everyone also tasted all kinds of tropical fruits in Thailand, and enjoyed KINGPOWER’s international buffet.
            Company organized annual travel for senior staff aims to let them relax mind, cultivate team spirit, and then at a higher enthusiasm and vigor to work better. In the meanwhile, it is a good chance to afirm and praise their work performance, thanks for their immortal contributions to the development of Zettler Company.
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