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    The Second Term of Treasure Hunting Activity
            Though the weather of Yuyao in December has no heavy snow, the cold under the rain could keep pace with the north of China. The sun did not dare go out by cold air, but it could not prevent the enthusiasm of Zettler staff to hug the nature. Zettler organized the second term of treasure hunting activity to strengthen the team spirit and team cohesion.
            Under the principles of green environmental protection, second treasure hunting started in the morning on December 5th, 72 teams need to read treasure hunting introduction carefully, and then hunting the gems according to the hints. There are 6 pavilions on the mountain, when you arrived Yangzhi, Ziling, and Shunshui pavilion, you must use gems to buy the Task Card, then to earn the gold coins. If your gems are too less to buy the task card, you need to pay more attention on grass, soil, tree, even trash can to find various gems. In the meanwhile, you must also keep an eye on Zettler Wechat Group.
            Many teams collected various gems along the way, then rush to the task pavilion to earn the gold coins. Task cards in each pavilion are limited, first come, first served, if you are late, you will miss the opportunities.
    Yangming pavilion is the place to identiy the authenticity of gems, and it is also the only pavilion where you could not use gems to get the gold coins in return. If your gem’s color is as the same as the one on the Zettler Wechat Group, you will get the corresponding number of gold coins.
            It is said that gambling can make great fortune overnight also can lose everything. Huashou pavilion is the most challenging place on the moutain. If win, double gold coins, if lose, all gold coins confiscated. Some teams bet their all gold coins but lose all in a flash. Of course, some teams are cleverer than others, sucessfully completed the tasks one by one, and accumulated a good deal of gold coins. Finally, the top eight teams have got the cash rewards and prizes according to the number of gold coins and time.
            This activity is a fight between physical power an mental power. Players have insisted the spirit of teamwork, and have experienced the obstacles and brainstorming in the process of climbing. Everyone have showed that Zettler  is a unity, hard working and high quality team. It is really a good chance to enhance team cohesion and to promote the communication between each other. Enjoying the beautifull scenery, facing the mountain breeze, cheerful voices and precious memory floated into everyone’s heart, and let this winter not cold any more.
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